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We learned the hard way.  We did it conventionally.  With all the hardware and people in this office that people throughout our industry have used. 
The Dallas Data Processing outsource solution is a superior way of doing it!.


Client Example 1 - Improved Reporting and Cash Management

Client Example 2 - DDP replaced a failed software conversion and met original timeframes  


Client Example 1 - Improved Reporting and Cash Management

As a start-up company, [Company X] purchased software and hardware for in-house data processing.  [Company X] hired employees to support and maintain processes including coding, data entry, systems management, report creation/generation, revenue check management, JIB statement management, and more


Never able to get desired results from the Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software

Support was expensive and time-consuming with varied results
Training was expensive, hard to schedule and took employees out of the office for days
Long hours led to employee turnover which made things worse
Labor costs for managing the network and data processing systems began to grow as work-around procedures were created to cover COTS shortfalls
Overhead grew as more staff was needed to manage peak loads during JIB statement and revenue check generation cycles each month
Growth through acquisition brought increased workloads; some opportunities were missed due to distractions in the accounting back office processing



Billing deadlines met

Cash flow deficits corrected

Royalty owner phone calls reduced

Vendor phone calls reduced as invoice processing improved

Strategy for growth through acquisition executed (tripled the number of wells operated)

Reduced technology staff to one "as-needed" network manager provided by Dallas Data Processing

Accounting staffing stabilized at cost effective levels


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Client Example 2 - Salvaged failed software conversion and met original timeframes



A rapidly growing oil and gas operator struggled to keep day-to-day operations going while implementing a new in-house accounting software package.  They contracted network management skills to install the new hardware/software and programmers to create reports and conversion programs.  They also sent staff to expensive training courses where they were trained to use the software package with generic data that did not include the nuances of their own business. 


Conversion progress was behind schedule and losing ground each week

Additional cost to extend contractors pressured cash flows

Response times from the software vendor were good, but the answers they provided were generic and did not reflect an understanding of the buyer's business


Operator decided to outsource with Dallas Data Processing

Processing converted off of the prior systems in 30 days

Network management contractor cut back to an infrequent, as needed basis

Programmer contractor no longer needed

In-house staff trained with their own data on Dallas Data systems

Dallas Data staff stepped-in to provide skills and overtime needed to meet compressed deadlines 

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