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Sam Hocking, President and Founder  

Mr. Hocking gained significant experience in outsourcing business services as one of the top IBM sales managers.  Building on this experience and focusing on providing personal service to his clients, in 1970, Mr. Hocking founded Dallas Data Processing.  Over the years, his day-to-day hands-on oil and gas business experience has grown and matured.  In service to clients, Mr. Hocking has helped hundreds of clients understand accounting intricacies, identify related alternatives and carry out the selected plans.  His commitment to provide personal service to each of his clients, and his vast experience in performing accounting services for hundreds of clients has made the services of Dallas Data Processing more valuable over the years.


Mr. Hocking holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Alabama.

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Tom Black, Vice President Operations   

Joining in 2001, Mr. Black manages the direction and delivery of our products and services.  With fifteen years of business strategy, process and systems consulting, he brings a wealth of tested and proven capabilities to our team.  Mr. Black brings a well rounded exposure to business and technology issues in many industries and clients.  Highlights include:  design and implementation of accounting software and processes for BP Alaska; rapid implementation of SEC recognized accounting processes and software for YPF, Argentina; coordinated acceptance of systems and processes supporting the merger that formed NationsBank; design and implementation of an internet-based B2B financial settlement process and software for, New York; design and implementation of an executive and operations financial reporting system for Barclays Latin American Regional Operations, Miami.


Mr. Black holds a Bachelors of Science and a Masters of Business Management from the University of Texas, Austin

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